The situation that these days' going out is difficult to do and the chance to lobby for the one of the remote work etc. often decreases.nWhen a breather is done suddenly, even so, there is also a possibility that a body is hurt, so how about beginning from a walk first at such time?nBut only, as I'm walking, for, because it's boring, if it's while playing the game for which location information service was used, you can take a walk happily.nThere is a game of many "Dragon Quest walk", "ploddingly, life" and "YURU GEGE, SANPO" and all that, but when saying the worldwide popular title as expected, it'll be "Pokemon GO".nIt's the Pokemon company also playing this moment all over the world nowx big-grossing title of Niantic x Nintendo, isn't it?nNiantic and Nintendo which produced such "Pokemon GO", what and, a new game was announced.nThe next theme is "PIKUMIN"!

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