The one and only confrontation fight game of arms by which SNK takes pride in the world "SAMURAI SPIRITS"nInformation on new season pass 3 will be permitted right away in 2021, and entry into the war of "high peak kyou" announces it from a swordsman of entry into the war and moonlight of the popular character "CHAMUCHAMU".nThere are also more surprise announcements to which the 2nd "time Japanese fighting action game manufacturer joint association" delivered on Sunday on February 21, 2021 says then that the season pass 3-or 4th version character enters the war from a "GUILTY GEAR" series of arc system Works, and you may probably say that it's fixed already that season 3 rises greatly!nFor, even if I say, the proposal doesn't go forward in season 3's not starting first.nAn update is performed on Tuesday on March 16, 2021, and season 3 begins!

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