The Pokemon fact "Pocket Monsters" series which keeps charming men and women of all ages of all over the world up to now since a series 1st work "Pocket Monsters Red and green" is sold on February 27, 1996.nThen "Pokemon Presents" broadcast from 0:00 on Saturday on February 27, 2021 of "Pokemon Day" of 25th anniversary of birth was an announcement of the latest picture of "New Pokemon snapshot", the latest information of "Pocket Monsters Sword shield "Pokemon Cafe Mix" "Pokemon GO" "Pokemon Masters EX" and the series latest model "Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu" and the really various contents.nIt was only wonderful information, but it'll be news of HAA which could please a Pokemon trainer in the whole world as expected!nA remake of a series outstanding popularity work "Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl" decided!

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