It's also possible to play the price I tend to find and a game of PS4 mostly more than I thought then the next generation type PlayStation "PlayStation 5" (in the following, PS5) next generation airplane of the whole world attention was high-performance , and it's already sold* and since sale in November, 2020, the title for sale schedule PS5 is also overwhelming game industry only with something unexpected.nBut much isn't also on the scene in a market so much at the stage of February, 2021 and the buying of the resale purpose is influential, and the situation that it's difficult to get continues.nEach store is doing lot sale, but I don't take on easily!nSuch, even if I wanted, the chance to get PS5 which can't be bought was doing! The 2nd account &LINE cooperation promotion of PSN also to get PS5 body has started!

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