The NieR series latest model which becomes starting service on a day of "218" on Thursday, February 18, 2021 (No.) "NieR Re [in] carnation"nWhen an entering starting service day also approaches and comes in February in 2021, you're being restless, right?nSimultaneously with starting servicing I also decide about holding of a "NieR:Automata" collaboration event, and it's to the extent I'm too restless, and I always already have cut small size and have trembled.n"NieR Re [in] carnation" but aren't there a lot of people who think there is an announcement of new information by and by, either?nI'll deliver the latest information of "NieR Re [in] carnation" for such person, "NIARIINKANESHON It's covered live formally #0" delivers it to 20:00 on Tuesday on February 2, 2021! New information became clear!

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