World congress of Street Fighter V which became the first On-line holding "CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2020"nAn On-line area tournament of 18 is held, and a hot war is developed at the whole world, and all meets end by November, 2020.nA winner of each meet got the appearance right to "CAPCOM CUP 2020" which is a final game meeting.nAsia - University of Tokyo meeting" which can also appear on Japanese player is performed twice, and Mr. GACHI is the place where it's also fresh in memory that a player won the victory at the end of a dogfight the 1st time for a plum abdomen player and the 2nd time.nBut the final game meeting it was expected to hold in February, 2021 "CAPCOM CUP 2020" and holding of "Street Fighter league: The world championship" were an announcement to be canceled.

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