Nintendo Switch where Battle Royal where 99 people are a simultaneous confrontation is hot Online subscriber limitation software "Tetris 99"nIt's also here that it's quite regrettable when you can play casually and it's discounted, and, carelessly, I often play away, it was the title with the poisoning it is, but everyone was strongly awfully at New Year's of this year. t get TETO 1 at all.nWhen saying an annual event of such Tetris 99, it's "TETO 1 cup", isn't it?nI said 35th anniversary of super Mario and bound in collaboration with "super Mario collection" at the end of 2020, but first shot in 2021 will also be collaboration with the popular title of Nintendo.nTETO 1 cup for 19th time is a "KABIIFAITAZU 2" collaboration festival!

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