The popular RPG "BRAVELY DEFAULT" series latest model of SQUARE ENIX Nintendo Switch "BRAVELY DEFAULT II" (bravery default 2)nIt's a series with a lot of fans, but it's said to be sold silence since "BRAVELY SECOND END LAYER" in 2015, and there are a lot of people who were waiting eagerly, too, aren't there?nThe preceding trial version is delivered in March, 2020, and the person's questionnaire I played is wanted.nSuch as announcing the feedback contents to the questionnaire in October, respect is remembered in the posture of the development camp confronted with the user sincerely.nIt was announced at the whole world simultaneous sale on Friday on February 26, 2021, so wearing and the trial version which came here, and is new "Final Demo" thought as the back waited for sale, and were delivered!

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