The super-work in topics CD PROJEKT RED which was sold on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at last via repeated postponement handles "cyberpunk 2077"nBut such as when lifting a lid, an error occurs frequently, and many defects of a tapir and a crash occur by PS4 and Xbox One in particular, it's a very severe start.nIt was a form of going up in flames turmoil whether more graphic faces were also the purpose which wasn't expected by PS4 and Xbox One.nCD PROJEKT RED considered such a situation, and announced repayment correspondence of PS4 and Xbox One, but even more this is a problem.nI say that a repayment can't be done because it isn't assumed that you can repay the one which did play even sometime by a policy of PSN though the CD PROJEKT RED formula announced a download edition of PS4 so that a repayment system of PSN might be used.nThat what on earth happens, when I paid attention, a formal Twitter account of American PlayStation support "Ask PlayStation" had an announcement about repayment correspondence!

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