The theater edition "blade of onimetsu" infinite train volume by which the ticket sales broke through 28,848,875,300 yen and approached god hiding of Sen of about 1 and Chihiro with 2,000,000,000 more at present.nA waretougekoyosei teacher go to a theater to see finally, too, in the contents, big, excited, you were announcing the effect and you also found out that I say the quality with the author folding paper, right?nBooks are sold out appearing one after another and a blade of onimetsu in the best condition at all districts, but a collaboration event of an authentic SUMAHO RPG of Cygames "Grand blue fantasy" "of cause and effect, I smell, the dead sky" is also announced to the last 23 reels of original work comics, and there are many people waiting pleasantly.nThere were a start and an announcement on Tuesday on December 8, 2020, but an event wasn't announced to details of an event up to now.nBut event details were an announcement at last on Monday, December 7, 2020 when event holding was cut down on the next day!

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