You can say all 1 of masterpieces of Nintendo Switch, "Zelda's legend Press Of The Wilde"nIt's reborn in the open world and many new elements are taken in, but characteristics of Zelda is the title which was expressed, was the work which can also be called the best masterpiece of a "Zelda's, legend" series and became a big hit by the whole world as well as Japan neatly.nThe degree of freedom can go everywhere highly, so more than 3 years pass from sale, it's loved so that there is a person who keeps playing even now, isn't it?nAn animation about such "Zelda's, legend" series was exhibited on September 8, 2020, and new information was an announcement!nOf KOETEKUMOGEMUSU, "Zelda, incomparable", the latest model was an announcement!

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