The enterprise which enters also comes to have high awareness of the e sport like the world, and is also increased day by day. Not by an enterprise element, but the states, an enterprise exchange competition also serves both as the friendship of each enterprise and study, and is also held much for an enterprise to cooperate and make it a big movement, isn't it?nfunglr Games also participates in "eSPORTS TRINITY" by three company common holding of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Dentsu Inc. and corporation cyber Communications the other day, Street Fighter V, it's used, and, the place where it's fresh in memory that a new graduate engineer of corporation fang Ra technology of a group company in funglr Games "< b> Nash Tajima " displayed coming out second best excellently in the enterprise match.nNash Tajima is on good terms by first game in the case, and ray Prix Itsu Luna of chief editor bukkey which takes on and learns about the circle which showed a good game who did sponsors a e sports exchange competition!

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